Exceptional, tasty, amazing and surprising – that’s what our Kitchen will be like!

Above all, at Park Restaurant we focus on quality. In every dimension! Tasty and healthy, with us you know what you’re eating! And that’s quite literally, because we prepare all dishes and starters from our own products! At Park Restaurant, you have the opportunity to try lovage oil, tarragon or dill, which are served as starters, as well as unique, flavoursome mayonnaises that enhance the taste of our meat dishes. We source meat, fish and all the products needed to prepare our dishes exclusively from local suppliers. In this way, we focus on freshness and regional flavour!

But that’s not the end of the story, as our menu includes equally unique and delicious meats that we prepare ourselves in our smokehouse. It’s thanks to them that the traditional sour soup takes on such a brilliant flavour!

We will be making changes to our menu! Twice a year, the menu will be modified to include seasonally available produce, such as fruit and vegetables.

We value “zero waste”. Do you know what that is? This idea in the kitchen is about reducing the amount of possible ‘waste’. Everything that can be used will be properly recycled in our kitchen. Examples? One item on the menu is roast duck. During its preparation, the fat is rendered, which we will then use to confit potatoes for the sour soup. Curious about the flavours? Come to the restaurant!

Bar at Park Restaurant Swinoujscie

In addition to delicious food, our Restaurant features an equally intriguing bar. Would you like to find out what a great art the work of a bartender is? Come on in!

Available in our range of spirits and drinks, including Beers, Wines, Spirits, Whiskies, Brands, Gins, Botanicals, Vermouths, Bitters and tonics and Seltzers, in the right hands they create a work of art that your palate can enjoy. With us, you can open up to new flavours and experiences that will allow you to rediscover popular spirits in a completely new way!

Our range also includes unique and tasty cocktails for children!

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